Here at Malak Family Centre we believe that strong relationships are the foundation for children’s learning. Through building a connection with one or more educators it gives the children a sense of belonging and a chance to build their confidence and be an active participant in their own learning.

We believe in providing enriching learning opportunities for all the children in our care. By knowing our children, their interests and capabilities this allows us to plan for each child’s development and promote all learning outcomes through the EYLF curriculum.

Here at Malak Family Centre, our educators support our framework that has a vision for children to experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life. We provide educational programs that enhance children’s skills and knowledge, engaging them in a play based curriculum, thus allowing self-esteem and emotional intelligence to be nurtured and supported by committed educators.

An approved learning framework informs the development of our educational curriculum which is reflective of each child’s current knowledge, learning and development needs, ideas, strengths, skills and interests. To ensure children’s self-worth is identified and supported, educators develop programs that are inclusive of all children and families, where social and cultural backgrounds are integrated, respected and valued.  Programs incorporate an understanding of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and all other cultural backgrounds living in Australia and relevant to the group.

Storypark allows you to remain engaged with your children throughout the day by providing access to and interaction with their daily activities – ensuring that you don’t miss the “little things” that happen throughout your child’s day. You will receive a notification every time that your child’s educator uploads content to Storypark, and can instantly respond with a comment or a photo or video of your own!

We have a close partnership with Malak Preschool, to make sure the preschool children have a consistent routine and transitioning. We often have an educator from our Preschool room sit in on the Malak Preschool class to see what is happening and how we can extend on what they are doing here at Malak Family Centre.

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